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Originally from Kentucky, Corey has spent much of his career traveling through the country tattooing. When he moved to Maine in late 2022, he decided to open up El Dorado so that there would be a real street shop in town. That being said, he enjoys doing walk ins, and accepts walk ins most days he is working which is currently Wednesday-Sunday. He also builds tattoo machines in his free time.




Hailing from North Carolina, Andrew "The Crane Mantis" Crane is a tattooer who loves doing Japanese Style Tattooing. He does a lot of large scale custom work, and has plenty of flash for you to choose from also. Available for walk ins when he's not tattooing his appointments, he is in the shop Friday-Tuesday.




Known best for his love of the Paul Bunyan Statue located across from the Hollywood Casino, Bangor Bill (formerly known as Salem Willy) migrated here from Salem, Massachusetts. He loves doing Traditional Tattoos. He is available by appointment Wednesday, and Friday-Monday, and available for Walk-ins when not tattooing appointments.



Shop Apprentice

Paige is the shop apprentice. She is currently tattooing by appointment only, and only her flash designs, on arms and legs only. To keep up with what she is able to tattoo, check out her instagram, or swing by the shop. She is at the shop Wednesday-Sunday.




Local comic book aficionado, Ryan was born and raised here in the Bangor Area. He is versed in most styles of tattoos but his personal favorite is his specialization in American Traditional Tattoos. He enjoys figuring out what to talk about next. You can find him at the shop Tuesday-Saturday. He offers both appointments and walk-ins most days.




Pickle is an extremely well-versed artist who comes to us from Asheville North Carolina. Known as The King of Stoke, and the Mayor of Halloweentown, he is bound to leave you with a tattoo you will love and an experience you will cherish forever. He is available by appointment or for walk ins Tuesday-Saturday.



Certified People Wrangler

Levi is the familiar face that you will see when you come in most days. He is here to answer any calls, help with paperwork, and manage the front end of the shop.



Frequent Guest Artist

Steve is a guest artist from Providence, Rhode Island that regularly visits us here in Maine. He enjoys gambling, drinking, and his extensive Religious Memorabilia collection. Keep an eye on his Instagram to see when he will visit next!

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Hey, my name is Corey, a.k.a. "Tattoo Corey". I opened El Dorado Tattoos on March 4th of 2023 shortly after moving here from Daytona Beach, Florida. I created this shop with one main goal: to bring bright and bold tattoos to Bangor in a street shop setting, where you can just walk in and won't need to wait months to get tattooed. I have spent my entire career traveling around to some of the busiest, and world-famous Traditional Street Shops in the country. During these travels I learned about the design and history of Traditional Tattoos. It is something I am very passionate about, and am excited to share with you. While I do specialize in traditional tattoos, I am not limited to that style, however, I do not pretend to do all styles either. A Jack-of-all-trades is a Master of none. That being said, if you are looking for a tattoo, and it is something I am not confident in doing, I will ABSOLUTELY tell you, and in most circumstances be able to refer you to another artist locally that specializes in what you are looking for. We have appointments available daily. To be able to offer walk ins daily, I do one appointment per day, at 12:30. When done with that session, I offer walk-ins until close on a first come first serve basis.

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